Sunday 30 June 2013

travel preparing post

Dear friends,

The inspiration for this new blog came from an abroad business trip.
So much information, so little time, so many...many clothes, so little space....

The best time during the preparation was that I could eventually buy the amazing travel documents case from accessorize!!! So helpful, so classy and beautifull!!! 

One of the most challenging issues was to manage to fit all the necessities of personal care in a small placic bag.
I used to keep all samples of beauty and personal care products, I hardy used more than once, and here we are!!!
From toothpaste to shower cup, tiny body lotion, perfume, bb cream ( my love <3 ), facial day cream, sun block, hair spray, and much more....

Next time you travel by plane and you have a strict schedule (no time to waste at all, or need time for airport shops), you may take your luggage with you "upstairs" as long as you have less liguid products and safely enclosed them in a plastic bag.

Bone Voyage!

ps: next post from Istanbul!!!

New kid on the block!!!

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welcome us!!! more comming soon....