Tuesday 28 January 2014

Winter & the city!

I love very much my city Athens, especially when it is sunny but also when it rains.
I think of my self as city person & I dream of other cities very often.
Today is a rainny, gloomy day in Athens, so I try to imagine how it would be if I were in other cities...

My beloved Thessaloniki...
When always the time I spend there is never enough...


Cities I have already visited and I love so much...


St. Petersburg





And cities and I dream of but have not visited until today...








Los Angeles

New York

Which are the cities that you dream of?
Pics via Pinterest

Saturday 25 January 2014

Sales Shopping

You already know how much I love Sales (remember here).
I always try to organise a shopping list and focus on the essentials, but it's not that easy...
Temptetion is everywhere...
  Check above & below what I found this time!

Thursday 23 January 2014

Vinyl is back!

Vinyl is back!

From clothes to furniture and from theater to music.

It has great impact in the U.S. , Britain and the rest of Europe .

Since 1997, sales of vinyl were rising internationally. In the U.S. sold about 4 million vinyl records, in Britain 389,000 , while a sharp increase occurred in other countries especially in the last five years.

Its success lies not only in retro love that " plagues " a large part of the world , but in the process one follows up to deposit the disc on the turntable .

The ages that are “affected” by vinyl are relatively young .
Most consumers age from 35 to 44 years , while impressive is the fact that not only prefer those with turntables.
 At the same time , the vinyl meets greater appeal to male audiences.

That special sound, that no Cd or Bleu Ray can offer, is gaining back its audience!
Search in your town and you will find a vinyl store to start your own collection or enlarge the one you already have!

Put the record on the turntable and "push" the stylus!

pics via pinterest

Make a Bob, make it long, have a Log!!!

Lob: the hairstyle you need to know!
Long bob.
The long frame prevailing this year on the catwalks and red carpet.
Easy, cosy, girly, sexy & feminine!
The new trend after ombre!
Get rid of your ombre and get a Lob!

source: marieclaire.gr

Monday 13 January 2014


Today is the first day of Sales in Greece!
My favourite shopping season!!!
It does not really mattes if you have a small or a large budget to spend, but it does matter to follow some basic rules in order to spend your money wisely!

* Fisrt things first! Make a list!!!
Write down what you really need!
Do not buy anything that seems to be a burgain unless you really need it!

** Search in your closet!
Your real one, not your dream one!
You definately have pieces that do not know.
Check what you have and I really mean it!
Even that dress what you bought 3 years ago and you still have not found the propriate occassion to wear it! Do NOT buy an other one like that! Buy something you need for good, may socks are more usefull!

*** What are the pieces that you need?

**** Check the expiring date of your cosmetics!!!
They do not last that long...
Or you can invest in delicate perfume!!!

*****  Investing in Accessories is one great solution as any outfit can be refreshed by this way!
Even the more classical or modern outfit goes always a level up with the correct accessories!

****** Gifts and presents!!!!
I love to be a gifr giver!!! It just makes me happy!
You can easily say "thank you" or "I am greatfull that you are here" by giving something picked up with love!

Friday 10 January 2014

“Yves Saint Laurent” the films

On  January 8 , presented the highly anticipated movie - biografy of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, directed by Jalil Lespert and starring Pierre Niney as Saint Laurent and Guillaume Gallienne as his partner Pierre Berger . This is one of two films about the designer , which were released this year .

The second Saint Laurent film , directed by Bertrand Bonello, with Gaspard Ulliel playing the YSL and will be presented for the first time later this year at Cannes . However , while the Pierre Bergé (82 years) offered support to the work of Lespert, with 77 sets of records of Saint Laurent borrowed in production, has been threatened with legal action against the film Bonello.

Watch the trailer for "Yves Saint Laurent" of Lespert.

sourse: flapper.gr