Tuesday 2 July 2013

10 things before 29!

I love bithdays so much, mine more... In my opinion, it is the best occasion to celebrate. 
Because my birthday is in the middle of July, I always combine it with vacation and of course a day off from work! I wish the below to happen to me up to the 15th of July!!!

1.       Have the perfect birthday party!!!

2.       Spend time with family & friends.

3.       Bake my own bithday cake!!!

4.       Go abroad! (just a quick trip)

5.       Get a tan (a healthy one with lots of sunscreen).

6.       Shop much during sales.

7.       Get a new tattoo (postpone it after summer).

8.       Go to a big concert!!

9.    Start a new fit habit.

10.    Have a great vacation time!!!

What about your bithday???

1 comment:

  1. Dear Selini! I'm a step before 30!! : ) and I'm away from all my friends and family.. but I'm not at all sad..I'm grateful and happy! Grateful of this amazing decade of 20's and all the great moments that I had! My only wish is to continue like this during the second round until 40's! Always with my friends by my side even if they are far away!
    I count 5 days until then..and in the same time my heart is full from Florina, Thessaloniki, Athens, Istanbul, Eksarxeia(it's like our country), Marseille, Paris...and the trip is going on...anywhere..avec beaucoup plus appétit!!! ; ) eva