Tuesday 8 October 2013

Fashion per Kg !!!


An idea that started 20 years ago in the French province reverted almost a year ago in the heart of the bohemian neighborhood of Paris , le Marais. Next stop was Athens, where for almost a month opened its first very own our Kilo Shop.

In Kilo Shop one can find used or new and vintage clothing and accessories newly arrived from France and separated according to their style. This fact is one of its strengths , the fact that the 9,000 pieces of the collection are distributed into classes according to the fabric , the line or motif .
Polka dots , plaid , denim , marinieres and more ... all have their own place ! Still , the space and the products are clean , neatly - despite the busy - and Presented in the industrial environment of the historic neoclassical Ermou 120.

In our first visit since we chose the ... our prey , weigh them with the help of staff and informed of the price before you even approached the cashier ! So we learned that the clothes are separated in three - very economical -categories depending on the quality and characteristics of their ( 25 €, 35 € and 60 € per kilo ) .
Examples include how a long skirt weighs about 200 grams and a shirt about 100 grams.If you want to add a unique and affordable pieces in your wardrobe Kilo Shop will become a favorite shopping destination after refreshes daily collection.


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