Monday 11 August 2014

Summer / August in the City

"Hot town summer in  the city..." dreams of green waters and narrow streets.

In any case it could become the most beautiful vacation of your life ... It's possible! 

Summer in the city is magical, because the city itself is taking a break from routine and it is set on vacation mode!  Empty streets, beaches, concerts, cocktails, open air cinemas, bars and roof gardens, ice creams and more! Summer in the city ROCKS!

Discover the most Amazing Cocktails!!!

Lay down, be a mermaid, or do whatever crosses your mind, as beaches are not crowded anymore! 

Explore your city and search for any petit "oasis" that could make your day!

Beach bars are never enough!!! There are plenty of them...

The heat demands ice cream for dinner!

If the beach is not easily reachable, try and visit a pool in a hotel...  

The best, in my opinion, of summer goods ! Open Air Cinemas!  

Ice cream chapter is unending... recipes, too... Please, feel free & try this at home!

Fruits! Exotic ones and more are the delicious treats on the happiest season of the year!

Check the concerts agenda in your town, may be a great band is about to pay a visit ....

pics via Pinterest