Wednesday 14 August 2013

Swimsuits match or not

I am a real fan of swimsuits as much as I love summer! They are colorful, bright, girly and always carry happy thoughts!
In the latest years, I mostly bought separate items and not matched pairs. Summer sales and bargains helped me to enlarge my collection, but also the correct preserving helped in having the old ones for longer. Always wash your swimsuit with cool or cold water (never hot as their flexibility gets damaged) with a little of mild soap!
For a complete beach look all you need is your swimsuit, sunglasses, hat, flip flops or sandals and a comfortable dress! No matter what your choises are, never forget your sun block!
You can find my choices for this summer below :
Slips: stripped from H&M
Metallic baby blue from Oysho
Blue floral & fuchsia from Marks&Spencer
Bras: fuchsia from Marks&Spencer
Deep blue & red & floral purple from H&M
Hat from a local shop in Lefkada island.
Pineapple bag from H&M (got a watermelon bag also, both so cute)
Sunglasses: vintage style from berska
dark blue/green from Marc by Marc Jacobs

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