Monday 3 March 2014

The Oscar goes to.....

Dress Oscars:
Ok, when you go to the Oscars dear the rule is ONE, you wear RED.
Love Jennifer in not classic red!!!

But if you are Lupita.....
Or if you are Emma Watson, you make your own rules!

But when you are Cate Blanchett, always stay Cate Blanchett!!!

Couple Oscar:

The most fabulous couple,  Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie!!! 
Oh yes, once again, they rock!

Speech Oscar:

Jared Leto except of the usual thanking for winning the Oscar, reminds us all of the crucial situation in Ukraine & Venezuela. Kindly keep in mind that he is an activist & a non typical American.

Funny moment Oscar:

To the one, to the ultimate Benedict Cumberbatch, who gave  U2 the best Oscar picture!

The backstage moment Oscar:

After the Oscars, the most famous party of all parties is the one that Vanity Fair hosts.
The photographer Mark Seliger took some special pics.
My favourite is the one with Bill Marey.

The tweet Oscar:

Goes to the most popular tweet ever, as made Tweeter to break down for some time.
Happy faces in a selfie by Ellen DeGeneres.

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Mark Seliger Πηγή:
Mark Seliger Πηγή:

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