Tuesday 17 June 2014

Open Air Cinemas

(Cine Thiseion, Thiseio, Athens)

Open air cinemas first began at around 1916 in Berlin, Germany.
Viewers usually sit on camping chairs or blankets. Some Hollywood world premieres were screened in outdoor cinemas – sometimes with the stars in attendance. Most screenings are free with some raising money for charities.
It is not just a summer habit, it is one of summer's blessings!

(Cine Aigli, Zappeion, Athens)

The top 10 best open air cinemas in Europe, according to The Guardian’s list, are:

1. Sala Montjuïc, Barcelona
2. Pop-up cinema, Cromarty, Scotland
3. Locarno on the Lake, Switzerland
4. Cine Paris , Athens
5. Cineteca Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
6. Moonlight Cinema, Meloneras, Gran Canaria.
7. Sotto le stelle, Verona.
8. Cine Kamari, Santorini, Greece.
9. Rathausplatz film festival, Vienna.
10. La Villette, Paris.

(Cine Paris, Plaka, Athens)

The experience of an open-air romantic cinema view under the stars is unique!
If you have not tried it up to now, please do it and you will understand later...
If you are already a fan of it, let's spread the news and find more followers!

(source: wikipedia, guardian)

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